I've blogged at a handful of places in the past, and this is the latest incarnation. This blog will be focused on my adventures as a technical evangelist at Microsoft. This blog will focus on technical content on Node.js, IoT/Robotics, Azure, AI, and other things I'm working on. Non-technical topics will still be posted to my existing, non-technical blog on Medium.

To learn more about me, head over to the about me page. To see a list of talks I've given, along with links to recordings where applicable, visit the talks page.

For the curious, this blog is hosted on Azure, Microsoft's cloud hosting service, in an Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine. The blogging platform I'm using is Ghost blog, an open source blogging platform written using Node.js, Ember, and Handlebars.

If you have any suggestions how I can make this blog better, send me an email!

I hope you enjoy the blog!